Brian Taylor, dubbed Doctor Desire by his cohorts, has been a professional wrestling enthusiast and fan since he was a young child. His fandom spans the ages of NWA, World Class, WCW, WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, and Ultimate Championship Wrestling. He has performed as both a referee and color commentator. 

As this is indeed, Brian’s Corner, he will be sharing with us on a monthly basis his findings and acquisitions of memorabilia.

     Here we go ladies and gents! Pro Wrestling Crate proudly presents August 202, and once again a very interesting crate!
I’ve been getting this crate since #3 and haven’t missed one since. So before we get to it, here’s what ya should know. The crates come in different shapes and sizes. The one I subscribe to comes with two tees, a micro brawler, an autographed picture, and other mystery items. It also comes once a month. Well since we got that covered let’s get into it.
     First up is a tee displaying a bloodied Mox. As you can see the design is really detailed and spot on. To me you can almost feel his passion. Tee #2 comes to ya from out in left field, but in a good way. The Genius Lanny Poffo makes his debut into my tee shirt collection. And I’m just realizing I needed it.
     The Nasty Boys are immortalized in pin form. That’s right Knobbs and Saggs, minus some teeth, but looking good none the less. 
*If you are lucky their are chase pins limited to 100 and should be numbered on the packages.*
     What collection of Micro Brawlers would be complete without a Lex Luger. Now ya just need a Yokozuna and you can recreate Summer Slam 93.
*There is also a chase figure for Lex topping out at 250 numbered on the package.*
For you kids, make sure to get your parents permission to use the Brutus Beefcakes grooming kit. See, it’s full of items to help you nasties with hygiene. Just make sure you don’t poke your eye out with the scissors.
     Critical Botch is a retelling of the first time some of the stars from AEW got together to play D&D. 
     To round out the box and buried way down on the bottom in a envelope comes the autograph. This is the moment I wait for each month. This month, it’s none other than Brian Myers. Yep that’s right the guy that’s tearing up Impact. One of the best heels around today. Yep that guy!
     That’s it! August is done. Here’s a pic of who’s in the box next month is also here for your viewing pleasure.
Wait I almost forgot, as a special little surprise a poem from The Genius himself. See it’s these little things that make subscribing to pro wrestling crate worth it. So until next time, peace!